Colorado Trail

In August of 2017 I decided to go farther east and ride the 500 mile Colorado Trail. The trail’s two end points are in Durango (southern CO) and just southwest of Denver (central CO).

My biggest concern with this trail was whether I was up for the daily thunderstorms I would encounter during Colorado’s monsoon season. It turned out that 2017 was a record snow year for Colorado and the high mountain passes were not open for stock travel until mid-July.

This trail seemed to be a great opportunity to test myself and see if the Rocky Mountains were going to be too much for me and if I should stick to the more moderate weather found west in the Sierras. I was also entertaining the idea of attempting a third Mexico to Canada ride, but on the Continental Divide Trail this time. I wanted a taste of Colorado weather before embarking on such a difficult cross-country route. Colorado was nothing short of breath taking. I loved being at such a high elevation and the afternoon rain and hail ended up being tolerable.

What sealed the deal for me was southern Colorado in the San Juan mountains. As I rode for miles and miles above treeline through the San Juans, I knew that I would be coming back again next year on the Continental Divide Trail.

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