Elk Alert!

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 18, 2017
Shyla and Takoda watching some elk

After a nice day off at a horse camp called Little Eldon Springs just outside of Flagstaff, we got back on the trail and covered 27 miles this day. Shyla absolutely power walked the whole way and was obviously enjoying the easy dirt trail. You know you have seen some rough trail when dirt trail is this exciting and welcome. Along the way, we saw a couple big elk herds, and the horses were quite fascinated by them.

It was a clear day, and we had a wide open view of the surrounding plains. It was also an incredibly windy day, so I was happy that we were actually riding back to the camp at Little Eldon Springs, before continuing on south from there the next day. Just before the camp, we had to go through an underpass for Hwy 89, which was a pretty low ceiling for me!

It even started to drizzle as we reached cam, and during the night it rained and hailed a bit. It has been quite cold at night--a real change in the weather as well as the trail itself from when we were further south.


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