Downhill from here

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 8, 2018
Shyla and Takoda in the Gila National Forest

At long last, about a ½ mile after we started our day, we finally left the dirt road and hit the trail again as it continues through the northern part of Gila National Forest. But one of the downsides of being on a trail is encountering obstacles, and all day long we were hopping over downfalls. But every cloud has its silver lining, and the positive aspect here is that several times trees fell on fences and took them down, so we had easy passage thanks to the trees, even as they made life more difficult at other times.

I had been hoping to get in to my horse trailer by 5pm because I had to drive several miles to Grants NM, but due to the obstacles I didn’t arrive until after 7pm. So I was late getting to the horse hotel in Grants where I was staying (not pulling in until 10pm); the owner, Darren, was very accommodating by letting me sleep behind his barn instead of in the RV park where most people go with their live-in horse trailers. Not that I had a live-in trailer, of course . . . I was in my tent as usual! Still it was good to have another section completed and to now have a couple of days for the horses to rest while I got caught up on my chores.


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