Desert highways

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 4, 2018

We didn't have a very long day ahead, just 20 miles, so we slept in and had a pretty lazy morning getting out of camp. It was another day of dirt road walking (definitely a theme of this section) so the miles seemed to crawl by.

dirt road packing

We got to camp just after 6pm and it was pretty bare bones, just a water tank, trough, and some fence posts. I managed to rig the highline up between a tall fence post (about 6ft tall) and the top of the water tank.

our water tank highline

In the early hours of the morning, I was woken up by Shyla and Takoda turning around in circles and snorting at something off in the distance. I figured it was cattle and sluggishly put on my boots and went off to shop the cattle out of camp and alleviate my horses' worries that some sort of carnivore was out roaming around. I set off in the direction that Shyla and Takoda were fixated on. About 200 ft from camp I suddenly hear a thunder of hooves and realize that a small herd of horses is running off right in front of me. It was dark and I had left my headlight in camp since I figured it would just be cattle. I don't think it was wild horses since there were fences and cattle guards all over, but they were far more skittish than the usual domestic horses I run into. So maybe it was a band of mustangs. I was worried that they would come back to investigate Shyla and Takoda again but thankfully they didn't and the rest of the night went undisturbed.


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