Deer Lake

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 7, 2016
Leaving Deer Lake in the morning

In the morning we left lovely Deer Lake and continued north, heading for a crossing with La Porte Rd. outside of Qunicy, which is where I cached some food last Sunday for us to pick up along the way. Caching food is a great way to cut down on the weight that the horses have to carry during each section, but of course it requires more time for me (there go my zero days!) and depends on access to a vehicle. We passed some beautiful scenery on our way, and once more it was an uneventful day, with no snow and minimal downed trees or other obstacles. It's amazing how nice it is to travel on a clear trail!

heading north from Deer Lake

Unfortunately we had to ride a ways down La Porte Rd. to get to the cache, as I hadn't been able to drive exactly where I had hoped to leave the food. But it was there for us, and we made a nice camp for the night. That is when my uneventful day ended, however, as Takoda rolled while he was on the highline and managed to tangle his leg in the rope. I got him off the highline and removed the rope from his leg, but he clearly seemed to have wrenched it, as it got a little swollen and puffy overnight. I hope that he will be okay in the morning and that it is just a superficial trauma and not something more serious.

Some beautiful lakes along the way north to La Porte Rd.


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