Crater Lake

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 14, 2014

On Saturday, after I finally made it off the trail (but not in the place or manner I had intended!), we picked up my truck from highway 140 and drove to Diamond Lake Resort, north of Crater Lake, where I had already planned to take a "zero" day and rest the horses on Sunday, then continue riding north around Crater Lake. I would now have to go back and fill in the missing piece of my ride out of the Sky Lakes Wilderness, but it seemed like a doable plan, and I figured I was only losing one day's progress. We stopped as we passed by the rim of Crater Lake to look at the beautiful shimmering water in the volcano's caldera, but I have to admit that I was often distracted by a less enjoyable sight . . . which was the snowbanks all along the road and stretching off into the distance around the lake. I know that most of the PCT does not go as high as the rim of Crater Lake, but I could see a lot of snow around us, and it didn't look promising.


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