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Backcountry Equestrian Camping | Gillian Larson Backcountry Equestrian Camping | Gillian Larson

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Backcountry Equestrian Camping

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What Will You Learn?

  • This online course provides detailed information and instruction regarding all aspects of overnight camping trips with your equine companion on backcountry trails. Through written material, video demonstrations, and downloadable PDFs you will gain knowledge and skills about how to prepare for and plan an overnight trip, the gear you need for you and your horse or mule and how to carry it, navigation tools, stock containment methods, nutrition, first aid, hoof care, bear awareness, and “Leave No Trace” principles.

Course Content

Welcome to this course on camping in the backcountry with your horse or mule. Whether you are considering a weekend trip or tackling a long-distance national scenic trail, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will help keep you and your equine partner safe and comfortable in a wilderness environment.

  • Welcome to Backcountry Equestrian Camping (video)
  • Course Overview
  • My Backcountry Experience

What to Consider Before You Go
In this module, I will present some of the points you might want to consider before embarking on overnight equestrian trips in the backcountry.

What to Bring: Gear for Rider and Horse
Now that we have examined some of the preliminary issues, we are getting to the nitty-gritty details involved in actually hitting the trail, specifically the gear you will need for you and your horse in the backcountry and how you are going to carry it.

Trip Planning
Nothing can eliminate the possibility of unexpected obstacles or problems that might occur, but you can minimize the chances by preparing a careful daily itinerary in advance.

About Containment
Knowing how to secure your animals in camp under different conditions is a key component of a successful backcountry camping trip.

In the backcountry, you will need to plan carefully to maximize grazing opportunities, if that is what you want your horse to live on, or to provide other sources of nutrition to supplement or replace a diet of grass.

Navigation & Communication
On-trail navigation is an important tool. In addition to carrying printed topographic maps, GPS or smartphone apps can make navigation in the backcountry a much easier task.

First Aid and Hoof Care
Preventing and treating minor ailments and injuries is something every rider in the backcountry will contend with at some point, and especially anyone on a long-distance trip.

Special Considerations
When planning a backcountry camping trip, you may have some particular circumstances to prepare for that might not be part of your usual modus operandi. In this section I want to cover a few specific situations that require extra attention to detail.

Closing Summary
I hope you have enjoyed this course and that it has inspired you to want to get out and explore the backcountry on overnight trips with your equine partner.

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3 days ago
It was awesome! A lot of good information that is helpful for me.
1 month ago
Excellent course with a broad range of topics. The content is very comprehensive and well presented. I feel much better prepared for overnight trips now. Highly recommend!


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