Connect the dots

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 3, 2018
riding along Twin Lakes

I rode out from our Mt. Massive camp today on Takoda, giving Shyla a break and letting him take over the trail duties. This was the last remaining bit of trail to get us back to the area near Winfield when I had to detour onto the CT after getting blocked by snow above Lake Anne. We headed south and wound around the shores of Twin Lakes, which I also passed on 2017 while riding the CT. We had a relatively short section planned today, although it got longer than I had anticipated when Takoda went AWOL after we stopped for a brief lunch break and I had to chase him as he cantered off in the wrong direction, determined to return to where he had left Shyla. Thankfully, another camper caught him about a mile later, but I was furious at him!

We were meeting Mom at the campground near the Crystal Creek reservoir on the road to Winfield, and she had a nice, big, level spot that even had some grazing. We talked about how impossible it would have been to find such a place in California at 6pm on the evening before a national holiday, especially located midway between two towns (Leadville and Buena Vista) near a lake. What a difference a state makes!


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