Burro Peak

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 24, 2018
Takoda on the trail north of Lordsburg

We had a long 31 miles planned for this day. The trail was the most beautiful so far as we gained elevation up to 8000 feet when we came over Burro Peak. It was also the first day on the CDT when we followed single track trail for the almost the entire time. It was nice to not be going cross country or riding on dirt roads. There is still lots of development to be done on the CDT and I know I've been spoiled on my other rides that had so much single track trail that was well marked. I think my next section coming up with pose even more challenges, with some of the trail simply following a riverbed.

The trail ahead through Shyla's ears

I made it to camp, which was Bombshelter at the trailhead north of Lordsburg that we originally left out of on the 16th. The horses were happy to have the portable corral for the night and our 2 rest days. This was an unusually short section for me, but it seemed like a wise choice since my next 3 sections will all be 4 to 6 days long. The horses deserve to ease the into our ride (and me too!).


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