Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 24, 2016

We camped over night at Bird Spring Pass, where my mom met the horses and me with the truck and camper, as there is no reliable water source in the area. There was a large cache of water stored at Bird Spring, but I wouldn't feel right using 10-15 gallons of this for my horses, when it is intended as an emergency supply for hikers (and it could be a life-threatening situation to be stranded out in this high desert area without water). The wind was howling overnight, so we were all glad to have extra food rations and some shelter to see us through the cold weather. The next morning I set out for the last part of the ride, which would take me over to Walker Pass, on Highway 178. As the horses and I climbed up the hill away from Bird Spring Pass, we could look back down at the road and see where the camper and horse trailer were still in our campsite below.

Later that day, we rode through a slightly more forested section, with brilliant wildflowers along the trail, as we neared Walker Pass.

looking back at Bird Spring Pass


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