Better luck the next time

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 15, 2014

After I had to stop riding southbound at Olallie Lake, I went back to the area around Elk Lake below the Three Sisters Wilderness at the south end of the section where Takoda and I had our fall. I had earlier been able to ride as far north as Elk Lake, completing the sections north of Crater Lake to that spot which marked the beginning of the snow area around the Three Sisters. It's interesting that the three "sister" mountains are nicknamed "Hope" (the northern one), "Faith" (the middle one), and "Charity" (the southern one), as hope is what I was filled with when I first went into that area on July 2, then I almost lost all faith in my ability to complete the PCT after the fall we had there, and now I was looking for a little charity and kindness that might allow me to finally get through this area. And I was in luck this time; I rode an alternate trail (as the PCT was still snow-covered) that took me through the beautiful Green Lakes area on the eastern side of the mountains and then back up to the trailhead by Highway 242 where I had originally started from on July 2nd. It was an easy, clear trail, with beautiful views of the Three Sisters (all the more beautiful because I got to see the snow from a safe distance!). I was riding along the eastern side of the mountains, while the PCT travels on the western side, and I had no problem covering the same distance that before had proved so daunting. I had a tremendous sense of relief and satisfaction to have finally conquered through this area.


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