Berthoud Pass

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 7, 2018
Takoda on the way to Berthoud Pass

After Shyla’s rough time yesterday, we decided to give her several days off, which meant that Takoda was going to have to step up to the plate, and he and I were going to have to do three consecutive days together.

Climbing toward the pass

Normally I ride Shyla on the longer mileage days, because Takoda can be quite slow at times. Takoda and I had to do 27 miles today, and due to the horrible road and the fact that the trailer had been left overnight halfway down the hill (which was a far as Mom could bring it), I handwalked the horses two and a half miles down to the highway, while mom drove the truck (and stopped halfway to get the trailer). I made it down before she did! We loaded Shyla in the trailer, and Takoda and I set off for the rest of the day’s distance, which Takoda did surprisingly quickly.

I followed a bike path (literally, a paved one) for a couple miles, then crossed under Hwy. 70 and got to a major trailhead, where I joined literally hundreds of hikers and their dogs out for a Saturday walk. We were on that for about six miles, then left that for a more secluded section of CDT.

The trail began to climb toward a ridgeline, where we had stunning views (and still a trail that we could actually see!). We pretty much had the trail to ourselves the rest of the day, as thunderclouds were gathering, but despite the threat, we never got rained on.

Finally we met up with mom and Shyla at Berthoud Pass, where we spent the night.


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