Back to the river

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 28, 2016
Mt. Hood in the distance during the long descent toward the Columbia

Today took me back to where the Bombshelter (with its new tires!) was waiting on the dirt road north of Bridge of the Gods and the Columbia River. It was a long downhill trek back to the river, which as I mentioned earlier is the lowest point on the PCT.

Then I had a wonderful evening of fun conversation, great food, and amazing company, as I got to meet Rani and Bob, my tire angels! They live a little east of where the PCT crosses the river, right along the road that I had to take north. In fact, I basically drove right past them on my way to start this section, but since the shoes for Shyla had taken me so far out of the way to Redmond, I was driving late at night and couldn't stop when I went by on the 23rd. But I am so glad that I got to meet them today! And we had more "it's a small world" coincidences to talk about, too, as it turns out that I met Rani's daughter back in August (without knowing who she was, and before Rani reached out to me the first time) when she and I were both on a section of the PCT north of Scissors Crossing! She was doing a section hike then, having completed a thru-hike in 2008, and we stopped and chatted about horses. And now here I was having dinner with her mother. The world works in strange ways sometimes . . .


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