Back to Little Elden Springs

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 23, 2017
Takoda in the woods

Thankfully back onto single track trail, we had a nice day riding through pine and aspen trees. We even got to see a tiny bit of leftover snow. Both horses love taking mouthfuls of snow as they pass by. We got pretty close to the ski slopes in Flagstaff and it was funny to see how different it looked from when I was snowboarding there back in January. After 26 miles, we rode into the horse camp ground at Little Elden Springs before 6 pm. It was nice to see the horses suddenly realize where they were and power walk the last half mile. We've spent quite a bit of time here over the past two weeks, as it has been more or less our base camp for this northern section. I've used this camp more than any other on the ride because of its convenient location near the trail and close proximity to town. Once I got them settled in, I went into town for dinner. We had an appointment to get new shoes for the following day so I also needed to check in with the farrier too. And then on the next day, my mother will fly into Flagstaff and I'll pick her up so that she can accompany me on the last leg of the journey (and then drive one of the rigs back home to Topanga).


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