Back to Crater Lake

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 13, 2016
Mt. Thielsen

We had a welcome uneventful ride today, other than getting a great breakfast at a trail magic stop in the morning. It really is a "magic" event when one rounds a corner on the trail to find that some kind person has set up shop just to offer good food and drinks or other goodies to passersby on the PCT. It is one of the miracles of this journey that re-connects people with the genuine good nature of our tribe.

After that, we continued south to the trailhead on the north side of Crater Lake where we would meet my mother. She had driven back from the family reunion in Wintrop, WA, that I missed and we were able to once again keep Shyla at the Diamond Lake corrals and luckily had snagged a rare available room on a Saturday night at the resort. So I was looking forward to a shower and the chance to do laundry before we would drive north the next morning and I would drop Mom at the airport for her flight home. My plan after that was to head to the Joe Graham horse camp south of Mt. Hood (not to be confused with the Graham corrals outside of Sisters where I was sick last week) and to take a couple of zero days there to let Shyla rest after our strenuous ride the past several days. She was a champ and once again did everything I asked of her to allow us to get here on time, and she definitely deserved a chance to rest and eat and recover before we continued on.


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