Back on track

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 23, 2016
Takoda and Shyla grazing at Cold Springs

After finishing the last section that took us into Oregon (and all the trials and tribulations--and tears--of that last day to Highway 140) I had some re-grouping to do. On Friday, the 17th, I drove south back to Redding and tried to find a vet to look at Shyla, as her front leg was a bit swollen and stiff. The vet I usually use in Redding was on vacation, unfortunately, but I got another recommendation, and that vet was able to give us an appointment on Saturday. I was once again welcomed with open arms by Pam, who truly has been a savior for us in northern California, and on Saturday I trailered Shyla to the vet. There we got some good news, in that the only problem was a minor infection resulting from the splinter that she had at Callahan's in Ashland. After treating that and resting for a few days to let her heal and recover, we picked up Takoda and drove down to Belden yesterday, and today we were back on the PCT again. I rode north out of Belden, which is just a cute little town and where there is a wonderful big horse corral at the trailhead above the river. We had a hot climb up the mountains as we went, but we ended up at one of my favorite campsites, a beautiful meadow at Cold Springs about 20 miles north of Belden. It was a good beginning after some setbacks in the days before this, so I was very happy to be on our way again.


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