Aloha Lake (and goodbye shoes)

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 13, 2016
Aloha Lake

After camping overnight along the Upper Truckee River with Alina and Bub, we continued going north, and Alina left us when we reached Echo Lake. I kept going over some very hard granite terrain, and the rocks played havoc with my horses' shoes; by the time we got to Aloha Lake, I had six loose shoes out of the eight hooves! I was able to tighten up the clinches on some of them, but over the course of the next two days I eventually lost three shoes--two on Takoda and one on Shyla. I had two emergency boots with me and that helped protect their hooves when they were shoeless, and thankfully I lost the last one two days later when we had only 5 miles to go at the end of the section.

rocky terrain around Aloha Lake


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