A Little R&R

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 25, 2017

I took two rest days after this section. The horses loved their luxurious little pasture and spent lots of time lying down and grazing. This was our last rest time before our final push to Durango. We were situated between Lake City, CO and Creede, CO. I spent most of my time in Creede. It is a stunning little town with these sheer rock faces on one side and then endless green rolling hills and plains on the other. I spent my first day off finding a shower and running errands. For my second day I had to move the rig to Durango where we would finish our ride. It was a 3.5 hour drive there. I was worried again about finding a ride all the way back to the horses so I decided to ease some of my anxiety by ordering an Uber! There are only four Uber drivers in Durango and I was lucky enough to get one willing to spend 7 hours driving round trip. It was $200 ride but well worth it seeing as I wasn't spending money on staying in horse camps or anything else aside from showers and food. I was back with the horses by mid afternoon. I had moved them on to a highline and out of the stock corral since when I moved the trailer I had to pack up the portable corral panels that I was using to fortify the dilapidated fence. I read and drank tea for the rest of the afternoon before going to sleep nice and early before our starting our last trail section in the morning.


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