Gillian Larson

Long Distance Trail Thru-Rider

Since beginning her long-distance riding adventures at age 22, Gillian has embraced an ethos of wilderness equestrian travel that blends a love of the outdoors with respect and care for her equine partners. Her focus remains on learning how to navigate the many challenges of wilderness riding and sharing this information with others who long to explore backcountry trails on horseback.
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My Expeditions

10,000 Wilderness Miles & Counting

Steeped in history and tradition, long-riding had its start thousands of years ago when explorers scoured the globe on horseback searching out the undiscovered.

A long ride is covering 1,000 or more miles in a single journey. Four 250-mile trips do not count. Unlike most long-riders today, who often use rural roads and pass through populated areas, I travel almost exclusively in the backcountry – often quite far from modern amenities, people and a real bed.

Being a backcountry long-rider takes years of experience, heavy planning and the willingness to endure terrible weather, impassable terrain and wild animals. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to cut through full trees blocking the trail before I could continue. It’s no Sunday ride, but in the backcountry I am at one with the world and my horses. It's a magnificent and challenging experience.

The partnership of horse and rider touches all parts of the globe and I am proud to be a modern representative of this great tradition. Follow my journeys and live the legendary life. See the world on horseback.


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Wilderness Equestrian Camping


Are you interested in learning how to camp with your equine in the backcountry? Want to know everything that’s involved in planning and executing a successful long-distance trail ride? Then check out Gillian’s handbooks on these topics, designed to be comprehensive and affordable guides based on her experiences.


Attend an in-person workshop with your horse.


Let Gillian share what she has learned with you in a fun and informative workshop setting. Bring your horse for a weekend at a Central Coast equestrian campground, where you will explore topics such as gear, trip planning, stock containment, navigation, nutrition, and so much more. Daily trail rides and hands-on demonstrations and practice. A great way to get prepared to make your own backcountry horse travel dreams come true.

Consultations & Trail Planning

Arrange a one-on-one consultation with Gillian

Consultations & Trail Planning

If you’d like some personalized advice about long-distance riding or backcountry camping, you can arrange an individual consultation session. Gillian can also help you with planning a trip, from suggesting a location and trail, to being sure you know about permits and regulations, to providing a daily itinerary with potential campsites.

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