Steeped in history and tradition, longriding had its start thousands of years ago when explorers scoured the globe on horseback searching out the undiscovered.

A long ride is covering 1,000 or more miles in a single journey. Four 250 mile trips do not count. In this space faring, technological age, I am among those who have chosen to move across the earth with quiet majesty. The destination is important, but the journey more so. On the trail, dignity and honor reign.

Being a longrider takes years of experience, lots of planning and the willingness to endure terrible weather, impassable terrain, wild animals, cold and hunger for weeks or months at a time. It is no Sunday ride. On the trail, I am at one with the world and my horses. It's a magificent and challenging experience.

The partnership of horse and rider touches all parts of the globe and I am proud to be a modern representative of this great tradition. Follow my journeys and live the legendary life. See the world on horseback.