Steeped in history and tradition, longriding had its start thousands of years ago when explorers scoured the globe on horseback searching out the undiscovered.

A long ride is covering 1,000 or more miles in a single journey. Four 250-mile trips do not count. Unlike most longriders today, who often use rural roads and pass through populated areas, I travel almost exclusively in the backcountry – often quite far from modern amenities, people and a real bed.

Being a backcountry longrider takes years of experience, heavy planning and the willingness to endure terrible weather, impassable terrain and wild animals. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to cut through full trees blocking the trail before I could continue. It’s no Sunday ride, but in the backcountry I am at one with the world and my horses. It's a magnificent and challenging experience.

The partnership of horse and rider touches all parts of the globe and I am proud to be a modern representative of this great tradition. Follow my journeys and live the legendary life. See the world on horseback.